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Energy designs and installs video and audio always keeping in mind the specific needs of the customer.
Our aim is mainly to identify and develop the best solutions for the most demanding sidelines.

Realizations of audio, video and lighting customized with competence, professionalism and organization, all of which Energy provides its own clientela.installazione and designing sound systems for conference rooms, auditoriums, shopping centers, churches and places of worship.

BOSE® Energy is partner and uses the CAD BOSE® sound that allows you to produce an accurate acoustic model of any environment.
Energy Audio - Installazioni e progettazioni Audio Video e Luci
Energy Audio - Installazioni e progettazioni Audio Video e Luci
This tool is used for the calculation of the main and audio parameters to predict the behavior of systems in different types of environments.
The program allows you to enter multiple speakers in computer models of different environments to shape, size and acoustic characteristics. The speakers can be positioned, moved, on, off and amplified in a virtual way and piloted with delay lines.
The program also takes into account the acoustic properties of the coating materials provided in the structure in which the plant will be installed.

These calculations and simulations are possible according to only floor plans and architectural projects, even before starting the construction or improvement of the environment.
listen before buying

Listening before installation of any system in any environment reduces the chances that a solution is installed non-functional or not in accordance with user expectations. In the past, the only way to judge the performance of a sound system was listening after installing it; in fact, the "demonstration" of the sound of a single speaker or a small part of the plant, although in the specific environment where the entire system will be installed, is not at all limited to the overall performance of the system in its entirety.
Only at the end of the installation work could be heard for the first time the sound system.
And at that point it was too late for any significant change.
Energy Audio - Installazioni e progettazioni Audio Video e Luci
Energy Audio - Installazioni e progettazioni Audio Video e Luci
Now, thanks to technology AUDITIONER® you can listen and judge exactly the sound you hear in an environment before installing a speaker.

And this is possible even before the construction or renovation of the building. Choose, test, identify and pursue the best solution by testing in the design phase is a great opportunity that Energy offers its customers.

environmental impact

minimoIntervenire in difficult situations where the speakers can have a strong impact on the environment, requires experience, technology and tailored solutions that Energy guarantees.
Each speaker can be personalized and made "invisible" within the environment in which it is placed.

The approval of important institutions for the protection of cultural heritage certify unequivocally a way of working that allow us to maintain the highest quality acoustics in full respect of the place where we work.


Carefully plan an installation means above all optimizing investments according to certain results.
Energy offers a tailored solution able to respond to the real needs of the client.
Energy Audio - Installazioni e progettazioni Audio Video e Luci
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